actor/CONTENT CREATOR: Austin, tx -- jackson, wy


Carly Christopher

"Imagination is the highest form of research."

- albert einstein

Carly Christopher is an actor and content creator based in Austin, Texas, and Jackson, Wyoming. Carly's strengths are her love of collaboration, her natural vulnerability, her ability to tap into her imagination and letting her natural comedic insight shine. Over the past 6 years working as a professional actor, her resume includes regional and national commercials for brands like Jeep, Capital One, Schlotzky's, Welch's, Google, Pure Silk, Academy, LL Bean and more. She's also acted in indie shorts, feature films, television shows and television pilots. 

As a content creator Carly works with brands to make shareable, comedic videos that highlight product attributes, entertain audiences and convert users to action. With an additional background in consumer packaged goods, Carly thrives on working with food, beverage and product companies to integrate video content into their marketing strategies. 

When she's not acting, Carly is talking shop with her entrepreneurial husband, Clayton Christopher, who founded brands like Sweet Leaf Tea, Deep Eddy Vodka and Rhythm Superfoods. They spend their free time with their two children and enjoy healthy eating and cooking, traveling, fitness and health and community engagement.